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Reuben Brody

Reuben Brody, LCSWA

Team Therapist

“I’m guided by the value of storytelling to understand human nature, connect with people, and find inner peace. We are our stories, and stories guide me as a means to understanding human nature, connecting with people, and finding inner peace. I was drawn to CooperRiis because of the staff, whom I found flexible, open, and curious about the world and its people. Those qualities help us maintain a person-centered approach and adapt the holistic model to an individual’s needs.”

Reuben did his fieldwork as an MSW intern at Ascend Healthcare in Encino, California, where he learned to use narrative and cognitive therapies in individual therapy and group work. Before social work, Reuben worked as a writer for numerous publications and as the Los Angeles editor of InsideHook. He also served as a writer for a mayor of New Orleans and worked in commercial real estate development for a short period. 

Reuben is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (P018786). He graduated from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work in November 2022 and received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2000.  

Reuben enjoys hiking, fly fishing, playing and listening to music, watching character-driven shows, reading, and writing when not working.