New Programming for people on the Autism Spectrum/Neurodiversity

Kris Valiente

Kris Valiente, AAS

IT Technician

“I find it very refreshing to be working at CooperRiis. Having struggled with various mental health issues most of my life, I feel genuinely valued and cared for as an employee here.” 

Kris was on Active Duty in the military for 12 years, six years in the Navy, six years in the Army, and was end-user support at a National Guard training facility in Eastover, South Carolina.

Kris’ formal education has been through various schools in the military, ranging from electronic theory, communication and navigation equipment maintenance and repair, and a slew of information system courses consisting of networking, networking security, and computing fundamentals. Kris is currently enrolled in Fullsail University to obtain Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity.

A parent of a 5-year-old daughter, a Pomeranian/husky mix named Kobi, and a betta fish named Kahr keeps Kris quite busy, and he’s an amateur Twitch streamer.