New Programming for people on the Autism Spectrum/Neurodiversity

David Hamrick

David Hamrick, MA

Marketing & Resource Development Associate

David is a native of Western North Carolina and worked at CooperRiis during the early years and held various positions, including Lodge Advisor, and assisted in the Community Program. He lived on campus with his then-young family, and his children have many fond memories of life at the farm. 

“I strongly identify with CooperRiis’ holistic mission and am glad to be a part of our CooperRiis Mill Spring Community once again.” 

After an extended period of teaching elementary school overseas, he returned to Tryon, North Carolina, and has rejoined CooperRiis as Marketing & Human Resource Development Associate. 

David holds dual Master’s Degrees in Health & Exercise Science and Teaching. 

He enjoys cooking, running, being outside in nature, and spending time with his family in his free time.