New Programming for people on the Autism Spectrum/Neurodiversity

Abigail Krieck

Abigail Krieck, BA

Admissions Coordinator

For the past six years, Abigail worked with youth ages 5-18. She has worked in the low-income housing communities of Washington D.C. and Milwaukee, WI, and a residential treatment center for high school boys who experienced trauma. She previously worked in direct care and decided to transition to admissions to advocate for those experiencing crisis with mental health.

In Admissions, we work with people in active crisis or soon after and provide persons and their families with relief by either helping them transfer to CooperRiis or recommending a more appropriate place. We are actively doing things to improve their lives and give people hope every day.

Abigail studied at Marquette University in Wisconsin and received her dual degree in Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Criminal Law. During her school years, she received a fellowship to research the implementation of conflict resolution classes to Latinx youth in Milwaukee’s low-income and immigrant community and how that affected their home life.

A dog lover of heart – she has two, a pit bull mix named Phoebe and a Catahoula mix named Nelson. Nelson is a trained therapy dog schooled in deep pressure therapy to panic attacks and other grounding techniques. She has worked alongside Abigail for the past three years.