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Recipe(s) for Recovery!

Our wellness and nutrition guru, Mary Kreider, has worked at CooperRiis since we opened in 2003. Today, some bestselling authors are starting to write about what she’s long been preaching. Holistic nutrition principles can not only improve your health. They can also help improve a mood disorder. Mary oversees our Wellness Program, which includes nutrition, …Continue

CooperRiis Executive Director to Speak at a Leading N.Y. Hospital

Our executive director, Virgil Stucker, will speak at a nationally recognized behavioral health center in New York City that’s known for its pioneering clinical, teaching and research programs. Virgil’s talk June 27 will discuss how the inpatient psychiatric units at Zucker Hillside Hospital and at other Northwell units can strengthen their capacity to be a …Continue

Yoga, Exercise Help Healing

  A recent New York Times article described a new study that showed how a weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help fight age-related mental decline. The research focused on older adults with initial signs of memory problems, and the results are similar to other studies that show the benefits …Continue

Helping Families with Health Insurance Benefits

CooperRiis has a new partnership that will help families obtain health insurance reimbursements. We now work with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, an industry leader that works with insurance companies to help families receive their maximum health insurance benefits. Families considering CooperRiis can get free consultations from SJ Health. The company will help determine factors such …Continue

Leaders in Business, Psychology Join Our Board of Directors

To help strengthen our leadership team, we’re excited to announce two appointments to our board of directors. Sharon Decker is a former N.C. Secretary of Commerce who previously chaired the Charlotte Chamber and was named the city’s Woman of the Year in 1998. Before that, Sharon worked at Duke Power, now Duke Energy, where she …Continue

Dr. Oliver Sacks, MD – physician, best-selling author, and professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine – highlights CooperRiis among others in his latest email newsletter. Thank you, Dr. Sacks!

Every person – resident, staff, volunteer, visitor, or friend – whose journey brings them to CooperRiis is a participant in a wonderful mission: pursuing the possibilities of recovery for individuals with mental health challenges. We are honored that in an email newsletter yesterday, Dr. Oliver Sacks, MD acknowledges that CooperRiis and others “aspire to treat …Continue

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