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Art Heals!When you visit CooperRiis, there are three large sculptures you should spot.

And one man you should meet.

He’s Jim Weitzel, a Forest City artist who has worked at CooperRiis since it opened in 2003.

Jim is one of the first staffers to meet residents and their families. He’s given more than 2,000 tours and helped more than 700 residents join our healing community.

He’s also made his passion for art part of his role at CooperRiis. His sculptures represent the lives of the people receiving healing. And he made them with the help of residents, a hands-on way to help give them purpose, creativity and social connections.

Art and Jim’s role at CooperRiis are two great passions in his life. These passions are interconnected, each giving strength to the other. “It is my ambition to create large scale public work and, at the same time, shine a light on the plight of those who deal with lives disrupted by mental health conditions.”

To view other works created by Jim Weitzel, please click here.

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