Community Work and Services Program


Role playWith the guidance of the Community Work and Services Program staff residents have the opportunity to explore a variety of work and community related activities that are meaningful and necessary to the life of CooperRiis. As both a healing community and as an actual community, the CooperRiis staff-with-resident interaction is integral to our success, as is resident-with-resident interaction. The integration of residents into the work-life of the community is one way of helping them to restore their identity as responsible citizens of the community of which they are a part. In the morning the resident awakens with a toastingsense of purpose knowing that the community needs them, not as a 'patient', but as a gardener, a woodworker, an animal caretaker, an artist, a chef, a housekeeper…

Individuals are guided towards roles in a structure that allows them to use their past experiences or gain new skills and training while enhancing their interpersonal and leadership skills.

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