Our "Healing Community."


The CooperRiis Healing Community is a progressively-staged, multi-site healing community located in both Mill Spring and Asheville, North Carolina.

Harvesting cornWe come together to support individuals with a mental health challenge, emotional distress, and substance misuse issues as they travel the road towards recovery and wholeness.

We are a nurturing, caring environment for learning, living, and working together around the common goal of moving our community members towards wellness.

The farm in Mill Spring is located on a 94-acre property about 45 minutes southeast of Asheville, North Carolina and about the same distance north of Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Our campus in Asheville, called 85Z, is situated on 3 peaceful wooded acres in the Montford neighborhood located one mile north of downtown Asheville.

The CooperRiis Healing Community is rooted in the healing community models of Gould Farm and Spring Lake Ranch that have been in practice since 1913 and 1933, respectively.

Community Work and Service ProgramThe central concept is that of an environment where staff and residents live and work together as a functioning community. To strengthen the model, we have added the elements of integrative psychiatry, individual and group psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, dietary supplementation, and physical exercise programming as well as substance misuse counseling, complementary modalities, and community work and service skills/employment training. Together, these elements aid our residents in setting and achieving their dreams and goals in an environment that feels like a 'Recovery College'.

Our program emphasizes relationship-centered care and affirms and honors the whole person during their recovery.

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