How to Apply


Answering the phoneThe applicant's family member, the referring mental health professional or the resident him or herself, generally calls our admission's team in order to determine whether we might be helpful. (828-894-7140 Admission's Office) Next, the family, referring mental health professional(s), and resident are invited to submit Application Forms to CooperRiis' Admissions Director, which are found under "Quick Links" on this page. It is best to submit the forms by private fax to (828) 894-7111 or email or by regular mail: Admissions Director, 101 Healing Farm Lane, Mill Spring, NC 28756 (click here for the CooperRiis Contact Page).

  • The referring psychiatrist and/or other involved mental health professional(s) fill out and send the CooperRiis Treatment Team application form.
  • The Family Form describes the family's responsibilities and is completed by the applicant's immediate family, consisting of natural or adoptive parents, spouse, and/or guardian.
  • Although an applicant is encouraged to submit the Resident Form in writing, this is not necessary. He or she will have ample opportunity for dialogue upon visiting CooperRiis.

The Exploratory Visit:

Walking the LaborinthA two-day exploratory visit during the week provides the applicant and family members with a hands-on experience of the CooperRiis Community.

The visiting family is encouraged to arrive by noon on the appointed day for an introductory lunch. The prospective resident and family are given a tour of the community by a staff member.

The applicant then begins the CooperRiis experience, joining the Community Work and Service Program in the afternoon, socializing in the evening, spending the night in a private room and awakening for participation in breakfast, the "Morning Meeting" and the Community Work and Service Program.

Family members generally leave CooperRiis by early afternoon after the tour on the first day. (The Admission's Office has a listing of local accommodations). Generally, until lunch the following day, the family is free to enjoy Western North Carolina.

Family members return for lunch with the applicant the following day. After lunch the family member(s) and the applicant will each have about an hour's interview time with a therapist. The applicant may also be asked to interview with the dual recovery counselor. The family will next meet with their family contact person, who will also be the resident's Recovery Coach, and may also schedule a meeting with our Managing Director. A decision is typically made on the second day.

The Admission

relaxing under a "relax" signIf CooperRiis agrees and the Resident and his/her family decide to join CooperRiis, an admission process occurs. Necessary paper work is completed, including a "Willingness to Participate" form, and CooperRiis guidelines are explained. A room is assigned and keys, a private phone extension, voicemail and email address are given.

During the first two weeks the Resident will have a chance to experience all the "Community Work and Service Program" offers before selecting the area where he or she will first concentrate. Usually, the therapist who conducted the exploratory visit will be asked to continue as the resident's therapist.

During the first three weeks, the resident will participate in a "Newcomer's Group". He or she will also be assigned a Resident Mentor, who along with the Residential Team will help to assure that the initial days at CooperRiis are comfortable, enjoyable and experienced with minimal anxiety.

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